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Master of Educational Management and Supervision

In an age in which the calls of the experts, researchers and professionals increase for the necessity of disseminating the science and knowledge in among the Arab young people and enable them from improving their level in the postgraduate to be productive and effective in the system of development, so Arab East Colleges was liable to enable the graduates of the Arab universities in general and the Saudi universities in particular from increasing their scientific value and continuing their postgraduate studies in programs and specializations required by the labor market benefiting the individuals and the community. In achieving so, we propose below the academic plan of the master degree of arts in the educational management and supervision built as per the recognized academic requirements and the modern attitudes in this field.

Program vision

Achieve the recognition in granting the students the positive knowledge and attitudes and the administrative and supervisory skills in the educational field.

Program message

Prepare remarkable academic and professional leaders capable of performing their role in the management and supervision of the educational institutions in a competent and effective manner as per the applicable moral disciplines in the community as per the academic approval standards.

Program goals

شروط القبول الخاصة

بالإضافة إلى الشروط العامة للقبول، يشترط للقبول في برنامج ماجستير الإدارة والإشراف التربوي أن يكون المتقدم حاصلاً على درجة البكالوريوس في أي من التخصصات التربوية.

AdmissionsTuition and fees


PSY 501Educational Research3
505 CURR Curriculum Foundations3
511 DASHPrinciples of Educational Administration and Supervision2
512 DASHEducational Planning2
501 EDUPhilosophical and Social Foundations of Education3
521 DASHIndependent Study in Educational Administration and supervision2
522 DASHTheories of Administration and Their Educational Applications2
523 DASHApplied Educational Administration and Supervision3
531 DASHComputer Applications in Education Teaching Administration and Supervision3
532 DASHIn-Service Training2
533 DASHSeminar and Research on Educational Administration and Supervision3
534 DASHQuality and its Applications in Educational Administration and Supervision2
541 DASHEducational Leadership3
542 DASH Economics of Education3
543 DASHClassroom Management and Learning Environment3
DASH 544 Graduation Project3
600 DASHThesis6