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Master of Common Law

Study in the master program of common law aims at developing and deepening the knowledge and skills of students regarding the basic sciences in the various branches and field of common law, particularly administrative law, criminal law, international law, and constitutional law.

Program vision

Effectively contribute in improving the level of education and activate the research and creativity movement in the fields of the common law.

Program message

The program seeks to enable the students from obtaining legal skills proving their capabilities in exercising the assigned works in the community, whether judicial, consultancy or administrative actions, and their formation to prepare the scientific researches to meet the current and future requirements of the community in the frame of the Islamic principles.

Program goals

AdmissionsTuition and fees


LAW 502 Principles of Scientific Research3
LAW 503Constitutional Institutions3
504 LAWLessons in Administrative Law3
505 LAWCriminal Liability3
506 LAWSettlement of International Disputes3
507 LAWFundamentals of Administrative Procedures3
508 LAWIslamic Criminal Legislation3
509 LAWInternational Criminal Law3
510 LAWLessons in the Penal Procedures3
511 LAWEnvironmental Law3
512 LAWInternational Humanitarian Law3
513 LAWEconomic Criminal Law3
514 LAWCriminal Sociology3
515 LAWRegional Organizations3
516 LAWMaritime Law3
LAW 600 Thesis3