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509 LAW - International Criminal Law

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    509 LAW
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    International Criminal Law
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    This course aims

    to provide the student with knowledge related to international criminal law in
    terms of its origin, sources and elements on which various international crimes
    are based. It also aims to familiarize the student with the rules of international
    criminal responsibility of individuals or countries and the reasons for abstaining
    from such responsibility. The student is moreover provided with a range of
    knowledge related to the administration of international criminal justice, in
    particular with regard to the establishment of international criminal justice
    until it reaches the permanent international criminal court under the Rome
    Statute of 1998. This course also explains the most important methodology to
    activate the criminal justice administration regarding the international Crimes,
    Additionally, the course addresses the statement of the legal regime applies on
    certain international criminals form,
    which constitute a menace to the international community in general, such as
    those relating to terrorism. This is achieving by defining there forms and
    elements of such crimes, the determination of international and local
    organizations to combat it. It is moreover studding drug crimes, the
    international conventions on combating them and other international crimes such
    as money laundering, human trafficking. The course also deals with the rules of
    procedure concerning international criminal law and the applicable law on it.

    in particular the extradition the Criminals.