Arab East Colleges


Bachelor of Law

This program was developed to contribute to meeting the demand for contemporary Sharia and Law studies by our society and to reflect its development, and to highlight the particularity of our culture and Islamic identity. The importance of such studies is evident by their absence or scarcity in the Kingdom, and the emphasis on Sharia or Law aspect without the other.

The study plan for this program was designed to qualify students and acquaint them with various specialized Sharia knowledge in part, and with legal knowledge put forth by state regulations and international treaties in another. Which prepares graduates and insures integration of academic knowledge necessary for practising judiciary work and prosecution, consultancy, or other work within the fields of Sharia and law.

Program goals:


First level - first semester:
101 ENGEnglish Language3
101 CSComputer Sciences3
101 ARABArabic Language2
102 ISClslamic Political System2
101 ISClslamic Ethics2
101 LAWPrincipals of Law3
101 SHAIntroduction of Islamic Jurisprudence3
First level - second semester:
102 ARABArabic Writing2
103 SHAFamily Law3
102 LAWConstitutional Law3
103 LAWJudicial Structuring2
104 LAWHistory of Judicial Systems2
103 ISClslamic Economic System2
104 ISClslam and Building Society2
Second level - first semester:
202 SHAContract in Sharia and Law3
201 SHASharia Objectives3
203 LAWIntroduction of Commercial Law3
201 LAWPublic International Law3
203 SHAGeneral Principle of Crime and Punishment3
Second level - second semester:
204 SHAZakat and Taxation Law3
205 SHAContracts and Financial Transactions in Sharia 13
202 LAWAdministrative Law3
204 LAWCommercial Company3
205 LAWLabor and Social Security Law3
Third level - first semester:
308 LAWMethodology of Litigation3
303 LAWAdministrative Court3
302 LAWLitigation Proceedings3
301 LAWPrivate Criminal Law3
302 SHAContracts and Financial Transactions in Sharia 23
301 SHAInheritances Wills and Trusts3
Third level - second semester:
307 LAWCommercial Contracts3
309 LAWMethodology of Judicial Decisions3
303 SHAVerses of Islamic Principles3
304 LAWCommercial Papers3
305 LAWLaw of the Sea and Air3
306 LAWAdministrative Contracts3
Fourth level - first semester:
404 SHAHuman Rights in Sharia and International Law3
403 SHAProperty Law3
402 SHASecured Transactions3
401 SHAPrinciples of lslamic Jurisprudence3
405 SHAlslamic Banking3
Electives (student picks one course):
408 LAWIntroduction of Legal Research and Writing3
407 LAWContemporary Legal Systems3
406 LAWInsurance Law3
Fourth level - second semester:
401 LAWCriminal Procedures3
402 LAWPrivate International Law3
403 LAWIntellectual Property of Law3
404 LAWCommercial International Law (in English)3
405 SHALegal Drafting Exercises3
Electives (student picks one course):
409 LAWLegal System of Electronic Transactions3
410 LAWLegal System of Public Finance3
411 LAWLaw of Contract (in English)3