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LAW 502 - Principles of Scientific Research

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    LAW 502
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    Principles of Scientific Research
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    This course aims

    to explain and give details in the various scientific research methods in the
    legal field. It explains the rules of each scientific research methodology, the
    fundamental nature of scientific work based on persuasion, analysis,
    organization, presentation, critique and suggestion. The purpose of this course
    is to train students in scientific research to acquire these skills. In this
    sense, each student should prepare, in an individual or team work, a particular
    topic or topics from the list proposed by the professor of this course. The
    course’s  grade is based on the
    evaluation of the student's work during the academic year and on the final exam
    through of a subject prepared by the student in the library within the period
    of three to five hours and then orally presented to the examination committee

    consisting of three faculty members.