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Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Arab East Colleges believes in contribution to national development in the field of postgraduate education and preparation of highly qualified administrative cadres for management of public and private institutions, in a manner consistent with the latest scientific and international innovations as well as local and regional developments; accordingly, the College offers the Master of Business Administration Program (MBA). This program seeks to meet all needs of various economic sectors in the Kingdom, to provide scientifically and practically qualified human competences in different fields to make decisions for contemporary business institutions within an international competitive environment. This program has been designed according to international standards to serve the best interest of labor market.

Program vision

The program to offer, among very few, a recognized Business Administration program on the local and regional levels and qualifying specialized cadres in business administration.

Program message

Business Administration program seeks to provide remarkable educational, research and community service in the business administration field as per the local, regional and international standards, in a manner meeting the development requirements and needs of local and regional labor markets, through provision of a proper educational and research environment, remarkable cadres and a curriculum developed as per the comprehensive quality standards.

Program goals

AdmissionsTuition and fees


501 KMYQuantitative Analysis for Management 3
509 ACCTManageral Accounting3
BUS 502Contemporary Orgnizational Theory   3
508 BUSOrganizational Behaviour3
506 BUS Research Method in Business3
504 BUSStrategic Human Resources Management3
510 BUSFinancial Management3
512 BUSMarketing Management3
520 BUSOperations Management3
522 BUSManagement Information Systems 3
503 QSDManagerial Economics3
524 BUSStrategic Management3
540 BUSInternational Business Administration3
550 BUSEntrepreneurship3
560 BUSBusiness Legal Environment3
BUS 598Research Project3
Human Resources Management
542BUSStrategic Planning and Human Resource Development 3
552 BUSLeadership in Modern Organizations3
562 BUSCompensation Management3
BUS 598Research Project3
Financial Management
544 BUSInvestment Analysis3
554 BUSFinancial Institutions and Markets3
564 BUSAdvanced Topics in Finance and Investment 3
BUS 598Research Project3
546 BUSConsumer Behavior3
556 BUSMarketing Researches3
566 BUSElectronic Marketing3
BUS 598Research Project3
Administrative Information Systems
548 DARDatabase Management3
558 BUS Enterprise Resources Planning3
568 BUS   Information Systems Design and Analysis3
BUS 598Research Project3
Project Management
582 DARCost, Quality, and Team Management3
592 DARCommunications and Risk Management3
594 DARProject Scheduling, Sustainability and Portfolio Management3
BUS 598Research Project3
٥٧٣ تامالتأمينات الاجتماعية٣
٥٧٣ تامتأمينات الحماية والادخار٣
٥٧١ تامتأمينات الممتلكات والمسؤولية٣
BUS 598Research Project3
Media Management
581 MFMAdvanced studies in media planing3
582 MFMImplementations in public relations management3
580 MFMPrincipals of media facilities management3
583 MFMMedia and marketing communications3
BUS 598Research Project3