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505 ACCT - Seminar in Accounting Theories

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    505 ACCT
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    Seminar in Accounting Theories
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  • Arab East Colleges
  • Description:

    This course aims to deepen the
    understanding of the student with Accounting theories and the impeded
    philosophy behind apply any accounting principle, consequently, this course
    include the development of accounting theory (conceptual framework), objectives,
    concepts, standards, procedures, assets, liabilities, owner's equity, income,
    profit, revenues, expenses, long term rent , value, disclosure, financial
    statements beside the basis and methodologies that the accounting theories
    based on. 

    After completing this course, the student
    should be able to:

    - Understand the concepts and
    basic principles that govern the various accounting applications.

    – Understand the
    scope, functions and limits of financial accounting.

    - Understand the
    reasons beyond using Accounting principles and practices and how to interpret
    them by using the based accounting concepts and theories.

    Course Description for Seminar in
    Accounting Theory  ACC 505

    - Apply the systems
    design tools by using a group of design tools.