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Master of Science in Accounting

Accounting is mostly studied at universities and colleges in three levels; university, master and doctoral levels. Each level has its own objectives and requirements. Studying accounting may take one of three main forms; one which directs the student deeply to applied intellectual research of accounting which makes the student prepared for academic research or accounting teaching, the second provides for the graduate a complementary study of matters not learned in the Bachelor degree or it deepens the student's knowledge of studies of the bachelor degree, while the third introduces the graduate to business administration, engineering or computer and prepares the student as a professional accountant, focusing on applied and practice aspects in consistent with theoretical aspects of accounting thinking. Thus, the accounting sciences program is consistent with the first form, as it is a scientific methodological study preparing the student in respect of research to set foot on the university teaching and scientific research in the field.

Program vision

Effective contribution to promotion of education and activation of research and innovation in the field of accounting and auditing.

Program message

Scientific and applied qualification of students to perform exceptionally in fields of accounting teaching and work as well as in research and community service through faculty members who are aware of development taking place in the field, the use of proper educational methods as per the international standards and community's moral values.

Program goals

AdmissionsTuition and fees


501 KMYQuantitative Analysis for Management 3
503 QSDManagerial Economics3
505 ACCTSeminar in Accounting Theories3
511 ACCTSeminar in Auditing and Control3
506 BUS Research Method in Business3
534 ACCTSeminar in Contemporary Accounting Issues3
509 ACCTManageral Accounting3
532 ACCTSeminar in Accounting Standards3
600 ACCTMaster Thesis6
523 ACCTIndependent Study in Accounting3
504 KSDSeminar on Microeconomic Theory3
544 BUSInvestment Analysis3