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502 ACCTSeminar in Financial Accounting
505 ACCTSeminar in Accounting Theories
507 ACCTSeminar in Zakat and Income Tax Accounting
509 ACCTManageral Accounting
511 ACCTSeminar in Auditing and Control
513 ACCTSeminar in Professional Accounting
515 ACCTSeminar in Accounting Information Systems
517 ACCTSeminar in Governmental Accounting and Accounting of Non- Profitable Organizations
519 ACCT Research Paper in Accounting
523 ACCTIndependent Study in Accounting
525 ACCTPractical Training
532 ACCTSeminar in Accounting Standards
534 ACCTSeminar in Contemporary Accounting Issues
600 ACCTMaster Thesis
Business Administration
501 DARTheory and Practice in Management
BUS 502Contemporary Orgnizational Theory  
504 BUSStrategic Human Resources Management
505 DARAdministrative Skills
506 BUS Research Method in Business
508 BUSOrganizational Behaviour
510 BUSFinancial Management
512 BUSMarketing Management
520 BUSOperations Management
522 BUSManagement Information Systems
524 BUSStrategic Management
540 BUSInternational Business Administration
542BUSStrategic Planning and Human Resource Development
544 BUSInvestment Analysis
546 BUSConsumer Behavior
548 DARDatabase Management
550 BUSEntrepreneurship
552 BUSLeadership in Modern Organizations
554 BUSFinancial Institutions and Markets
556 BUSMarketing Researches
558 BUS Enterprise Resources Planning
560 BUSBusiness Legal Environment
562 BUSCompensation Management
564 BUSAdvanced Topics in Finance and Investment
566 BUSElectronic Marketing
568 BUS   Information Systems Design and Analysis
582 DARCost, Quality, and Team Management
592 DARCommunications and Risk Management
594 DARProject Scheduling, Sustainability and Portfolio Management
BUS 598Research Project
503 QSDManagerial Economics
504 KSDSeminar on Microeconomic Theory
501 KMYQuantitative Analysis for Management
Computer Science and Technology
500 CASComputer Systems Fundamentals
510 CASComputer Programming
511 CASAdvanced Computer Programming
512 CASData Structures
513 CASWeb Programming
520 CASSystems Analysis and Design
530 CASFundamentals of Database Systems
535 CASDecision Support Systems
540 CASDistributed Business Applications
550 CASInformation Security
560 CASSoftware Project Management
561 CASE-Commerce
562 CASQuality Control and Software Testing
563 CASEnterprise Resource Planning( E R P ) Systems
570 CASBusiness Management
571 CASPrinciples and Practices of Management
580 CASSelected topics in Applied Computing
581 CASSelected Topics in E-Business
582 CASSelected Topics in Web Applications and Services
597 CASResearch Seminar
598 CASMS Project 1
599 CASMS Project 2
511 CSHuman Computer Interaction
527 CSArtificial Intelligence
530 CSDatabase Management Systems
537 CSData mining
540 CSComputer Networks
543 CSComputer Security
544 CSMobile Computing
547 CSInternet technologies
548 CSDistributed systems
549 CSSelected Topics in Computer and Information Systems
550 CSComputer Graphics
553 CSMultimedia Applications
571 CSSoftware Engineering
577 CSPrinciples of Programming Languages
578 CSCompilers and Interpreters
579 CSSelected Topics in Software Engineering
580 CSAdvanced Computer Algorithms
586 CSTheory of Computation
589 CSSelected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
591 CSSeminar in Computer Science
598 CSProject 1
599 CSProject 2
BAS 505Designing and Developing Digital Courses
507 BASUse of Digital Technologies in Education
BAS 509 Tools and Systems of E-Learning
BAS 510Global Models of Technology Use
BAS 511Fundamentals of Educational Technology
BAS 513Virtual Education and Training
BAS 514Designing and Production of Educational Television Programs
BAS 515Seminar and Research on Education Technologies
BAS 517Integration of Computer Technology into the Curriculum
BAS 518 Learning Management Systems and Content
BAS 521Independent Study on Educational technology
BAS 523Graduation Project
600 ASAThesis
501 EDUPhilosophical and Social Foundations of Education
EDU 520Educational Statistics
510 SPEDSupport Services and Cooperative Work in the Field of Special Education
515 SPED Methods of Measurement and Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability
518 SPEDMethods of Measurement and Diagnosis of Learning Difficulties
519 SPED Educational Programs for People withlntellectual Disability
526 SPEDModern Issues and Trends in the Field of Special Education
527 SPED Administration of Special Education Programs
533 SPEC Preparation and Application of Research in the Field of Special Education
538 SPECA Case Study of Intellecutual Disability
540 SPECA Case Study of Learning Difficulties
544 SPECSeminar on Intellectual Disability
545 SPECSeminar on Learning Difficulties
550 SPECEarly Intervention
555 SPECComputer and Uses in Special Education
560 SPEC Applied Behavior Analysis
580 SPEDGraduation Project
565 SPEC Guidance in Special Education
600 SPECThesis
511 DASHPrinciples of Educational Administration and Supervision
512 DASHEducational Planning
521 DASHIndependent Study in Educational Administration and supervision
522 DASHTheories of Administration and Their Educational Applications
523 DASHApplied Educational Administration and Supervision
531 DASHComputer Applications in Education Teaching Administration and Supervision
532 DASHIn-Service Training
533 DASHSeminar and Research on Educational Administration and Supervision
534 DASHQuality and its Applications in Educational Administration and Supervision
541 DASHEducational Leadership
542 DASH Economics of Education
543 DASHClassroom Management and Learning Environment
DASH 544 Graduation Project
RAD 501Foundations of Early Childhood Curriculum
RAD 504Preparation of Kindergarten Female Teacher
RAD 505Stages of Children’s Development and Learning
RAD 509Psychological Guidance and Counseling for Families and Children
RAD 511Leaning Technologies and Their Applications in Kindergarten
RAD 512Measuring and Assessing Child’s Development
RAD 514 Design of kindergartens Programs and Activities
RAD 519Quality and its Applications in kindergarten
RAD 528Children’s Culture
RAD 520Teaching Children Creative Thinking
RAD 525Research Workshop on Early Childhood
RAD 527 Contemporary Issues on Family and the Environment
530 RDYGraduation Project
600 RDYThesis
PSY 501Educational Research
505 CURR Curriculum Foundations
LAW 502 Principles of Scientific Research
LAW 503Constitutional Institutions
504 LAWLessons in Administrative Law
505 LAWCriminal Liability
506 LAWSettlement of International Disputes
507 LAWFundamentals of Administrative Procedures
508 LAWIslamic Criminal Legislation
509 LAWInternational Criminal Law
510 LAWLessons in the Penal Procedures
511 LAWEnvironmental Law
512 LAWInternational Humanitarian Law
513 LAWEconomic Criminal Law
514 LAWCriminal Sociology
515 LAWRegional Organizations
516 LAWMaritime Law
LAW 520Fair Trial Law
LAW 521Recent Development of Contract Theory
LAW 522Sharia Codification
LAW 523Guarantee in Islamic Jurisprudence
LAW 524Real Estate Transactions in the Saudi Law
LAW 525Lessons in Companies Law
LAW 526Settlement of Commercial Disputes
LAW 527 Representation of Trade and Foreign Investment
LAW 528Law of Evidence
LAW 529Financial Law
LAW 530Expatriates Regulations
LAW 531Trademarks and Trade Names
LAW 532Competition and Customer Protection
LAW 533International Sale of Goods
LAW 600 Thesis