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510 LAW - Lessons in the Penal Procedures

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    510 LAW
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    Lessons in the Penal Procedures
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    This course aims

    to establish an evaluation and
    analytical view of the Criminal Procedure law by comparing the criminal
    procedures system in the Kingdom with other criminal procedures laws in other
    countries, especially in light of the internationalization of these rules and
    their connection with the human rights field. The intention of these
    comparisons is to develop procedural systems in the Kingdom, identify the
    differences and similarities between them and those different penal systems. In
    addition, This course will be emphasis on studying one or several aspects of criminal
    proceedings, such as the pre-proceedings of the criminal action, the statement
    of arrest,  the detention under remand,
    the investigation procedures, the subsequent proceedings on criminal action and
    the rules governing them, the criminal judiciary and the trial proceedings …etc