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The strategic management process in intermediate organizations: A multiple case application

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    Business Administration
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    International Journal of scientific research and management
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    This paper is intended to demonstrate the significance of strategic management, as a distinctive phenomenon in the intermediate organizations more than it is assumed in the theory of strategic management. One of the recent developments in the eld of strategic management is redenition in order to include the study of cognitive, economic, social and cultural aspects into its context. As a result, the inclusion of greater importance of the resource situation and other aspects, which are contextually-dependent, have evolved in the theoretical focus of planning and adaptation. The strategic management also includes the human perspective that determines an organization’s strategic abilities. The theoretical explanation includes profound impact on customers’ mind. For the development, sustainability, protability and survivability of the companies in present day competitive markets, it is important to have detailed and accurate information about the consumers. Therefore, the very founding notion of the modern marketing in changing and dynamic business environment is having information about the attitudes, perceptions, needs, motivations and actions of the consumer. The purpose of marketing has moved way beyond to its traditional dentition and is no longer restricted to attracting and persuading consumers purchase decision for aseptic product or brand; but extends to the satisfaction of customers’ needs and wants. In this paper, the light has been thrown on some new insights in this eld. In addition, it has been emphasized that the studies of strategic management also need to add-on with the conventional perspectives, along with variety of internal and external characteristics to ensure better understanding and awareness of the underlying organizational processes.

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