Arab East Colleges

Computer Science and Technology

Master of Computer Science

Due to the significant and increasing importance of computer sciences in different areas and aspects of everyday life, the preparation of qualified cadres and provision of postgraduate opportunities in this field are very important and plays a major role in coping with the information revolution and satisfying the needs of labor market in the field of computer sciences. From this point of view, an academic program was established for the Master degree in Computer Sciences [Full Attendance System]. The program consists of academic courses, research projects and programming, all selected and described as per the academic and theoretical rules on the studies and applications of computer sciences in addition to the applied aspects and needs of the local labor market.

program vision:

College's computer department to offer, among very few, highly recognized postgraduate computer sciences program on local and regional levels.

program message:

To offer graduate program in Computer Science that provides both rigorous scientific basis and practical skills demanded by the local market.

Program goals:


530 CSDatabase Management Systems3
540 CSComputer Networks3
580 CSAdvanced Computer Algorithms3
591 CSSeminar in Computer Science2
598 CSProject 12
599 CSProject 23
Information Security :
561 CSInformation Security3
562 CSCryptography3
563 CSDatabase Security and Auditing3
564 CSAdvanced Network Security3
Software Development:
571 CSSoftware System Engineering3
565 CSSoftware Project Management3
566 CSSoftware Testing and Quality Assurance3
567 CSMobile Application Development3
511 CSHuman Computer Interaction3
527 CSArtificial Intelligence3
537 CSData mining3
543 CSComputer Security3
544 CSMobile Computing3
547 CSInternet technologies3
548 CSDistributed systems3
549 CSSelected Topics in Computer and Information Systems3
550 CSComputer Graphics3
553 CSMultimedia Applications3
571 CSSoftware Engineering3
577 CSPrinciples of Programming Languages3
578 CSCompilers and Interpreters3
579 CSSelected Topics in Software Engineering3
586 CSTheory of Computation3
589 CSSelected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science3
560 CASSoftware Project Management3
580 CASSelected topics in Applied Computing3