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LAW 526 - Settlement of Commercial Disputes

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    LAW 526
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    Settlement of Commercial Disputes
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    The purpose of

    this course is to study commercial disputes in terms of the concept of commercial
    disputes, their forms and methods of resolving them. In addition, the course
    presents in detail all the methods of settling commercial disputes, whether
    through commercial judiciary, arbitration or semi-judicial committees. The
    course as well addresses the explication and analysis of the rules of
    commercial arbitration under the Saudi arbitration system. It also deals with
    the new regulation of the commercial judiciary in the Kingdom and the rules
    regulating it, such as the issue of jurisdiction, the procedures before it, the
    explication and analysis the arbitration’s decisions. The course moreover sheds
    light on the role of semi-judicial committees with commercial jurisdiction to

    identify what remains, their jurisdictions and their legal system.