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LAW 521 - Recent Development of Contract Theory

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    LAW 521
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    Recent Development of Contract Theory
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    This course

    deals with the newest global developments on Contract Theory in various legal
    systems. This course aims to monitor this modern development in the various
    rules of contract theory. The course as well reviews the current regional and
    international experiences that resulted in unifying the rules of the contract.
    The course studies the influence of economic, political, social and cultural
    transformations on the traditional foundations of contract theory, such as the
    principle autonomy. The course moreover examines of the phenomenon of balance
    or justice in the contract as a restriction on the parties will, and to
    indicate the legal methods to verify the availability of this contractual
    balance. The course is also studying the modern theories that have taken place
    in the rules and principles, whether in the field of foundation or execution of

    the contract.