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LAW 533 - International Sale of Goods

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    LAW 533
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    International Sale of Goods
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    In view

    of the significant importance of the international sale of goods as it’s the most
    important legal process in international trade operations, this course aims to determine
    the different international rules leading the international sale of goods,
    whether the conventions determine the law applicable on the sale of goods
    contract only or those that regulate an objective aspect thereof , Or the rules
    of the United Nations Convention the Vienna Convention on the International
    Sale of Goods 1980. Additionally, this convention has achieved extraordinary
    global success and will invite more Arab countries to join it. The course furthermore
    discusses the provisions of these conventions, with a focus on the Vienna
    Convention, the rules of the sales contract, the exclusion of its scope and the

    consistency of its rules with the Saudi legal system.