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LAW 529 - Financial Law

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    LAW 529
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    Financial Law
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    This course studies

    and analysis the legal rules leading the financial activity specially the legal
    rules governing the activities of the banking sector (banks, Saudi Arabian
    Monetary Authority/ SAMA), the activity of the Capital Market Authority and
    securities transactions. Regarding to the banking sector, the course shall
    study the legal cadre of banking operations and comment on it in terms of
    completeness, indicating the deficiencies therein, the defects, the improvements
    or developments that may be made. In this sense, the course highlights on comparative
    laws, focuses on the methods of resolving banking disputes and studies with

    analysis of judicial decisions issued by the banking judiciary.

    In regards with
    securities transactions, the course examines the financial market laws, the
    effects of legal relations arising from trading, brokerage, issuance of
    securities, the responsibility arising from breach of the rules governing the
    trading of securities or mediating their conclusion. The course presents the methods
    of solving disputes relating to trading or brokerage transactions in securities.