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LAW 528 - Law of Evidence

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    LAW 528
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    Law of Evidence
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    The objectives

    of this course are demonstrating the importance of legal evidence in the practical
    life before the courts. The course is also analyzing the legal concept of the
    evidence as a method of proving rights. The course deals deeply with the
    general rules of procedure and proof’s objectivity. The study includes topics
    such as: different doctrines of evidence, methods of evidence, procedures and
    arguments of evidence, the judge’s role 
    in evidence in Islamic jurisprudence and comparative systems, the recent
    role of the judge and the litigants in evidence, the practical importance of
    the burden of proof, judgments of evidenced. The course moreover addresses all
    evidence, such as writing, testimony, presumptions and their legal rules. The
    course furthermore explains the rules of evidence and their cadre of judicial
    applications in the Kingdom under Shari’ah evidence rules and the Law of