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LAW 532 - Competition and Customer Protection

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    LAW 532
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    Competition and Customer Protection
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    This course deals with two topics: the competition

    and consumer protection as restrictions on the freedom of business and the
    prevention of abuse. The aim of this course is defining the recent enacted rules
    of competition in the Kingdom. The course also deals with the forms of unfair
    competition and the legal methods of protecting competition, including a
    statement of the judicial or regulatory organization that fosters the
    application of competition protection rules. The course moreover presents
    comparisons between the applicable legal rules in the Kingdom and the rules of
    competition in comparison systems. In addition, the course explains and
    analyzes the legal rules applicable in the Kingdom to protect consumers from
    arbitrary conditions, defective and non-usable commercial products and all
    other consumer protection regulations. The course evaluates these rules in
    terms of their shortcoming and presents possible improvements to these rules to

    achieve their objectives.