Arab East Colleges



Research is one of the primary duties of higher education. Arab East Colleges as a specialized graduate institution has set research as a pillar in its foundation and part of its mission and a goal it continuously strives to achieve and raise its quality and efficiency through providing all possible tools to academics and researchers from within the Colleges or the greater scientific community to achieve research that serves education and the community.

Arab East Colleges offers researchers and knowledge seekers an integrated environment that allows them to acquire expertise through utilizing its resource. They also have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of its faculty members.

The Colleges houses a library that offers resources in various fields.

The Center for Research and Studies offers research and consultancy services in regards to problems and issues in the fields of humanity, social, and administrative sciences. As well as research design methods, and methods of qualitative and quantitative data analysis and interpretation. In addition to assistance in national and international publishing