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Understanding Decision Making of Consumers through Advertising Strategy and Integrated Marketing

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    Business Administration
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  • Published in:
    Journal of marketing management
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    United States
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    This paper is intended to demonstrate the significance of strategic management, as a distinctive phenomenon in the intermediate organizations more than it is assumed in the theory of strategic management. It is important for a marketing and advertising professional to properly design the marketing pro- grams for a brand to ensure that the brand being advertised and promoted become part of the list of evoked brands of a consumer, which shall motivate consumers to consider the brand for purchase. Therefore, marketing programs are required to focus on product specifications that shall provide the attributes customers' needs in a product; whereas, the accessibility of the product to consumer is another thing which would also produce implement new and efficient solutions into their practices; the readiness of companies to adopt an SaaS model; businesses have the potential to make great progress despite obstacles. Results have shown that the Saudi market is ready to adopt and implement such new techniques, but satisfaction levels with current solutions are comparatively low and need urgent measures. Progress, particularly on the source of an SaaS model, is needed to improve the companies’ situations and allow them to take a step towards a more successful future by improving their competitive advantage .

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