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Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Saudi Universities

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    Business Administration
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    The International Journal Of Business & Management
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    The purpose of this study is to examine the role of Corpo- rate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices in higher education of Saudi Arabia. The growing importance of CSR functions in the societal development is being recognized all over the world. However, in Saudi Arabia this function of the corporation re- main focused on philanthropic efforts most of the time, which is largely driven and in uenced by its social, religious and cultural aspects of the country. Moreover, government had not forced or pushed corporations to introduce CSR programs bene cial for the society, which is why it remain largely focused on phil- anthropic efforts. In relation to the above discussion, this study aims to analyze the role of CSR in higher education in Saudi Arabia. The growing importance of CSR has made it necessary for every university to use international benchmarks as stan- dard to devise their CSR practices accordingly. This realization has shifted focus of CSR practices of Saudi universities towards every dimension of CSR. The study collected secondary data through 120 advertisements published from 2012 to 2015 and found out that CSR practices of universities of Saudi Arabia re- main focused on social dimension of CSR because Saudi culture and religion had profound impact on business laws and eventu- ally on CSR practices.

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