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Barriers of Using Jusur Learning Management System in Saudi Arabia Universities

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    Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Technology
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    The purpose of this study was to determine the main barriers faced by faculty members from using Jusur LMS in Saudi universities. This study was quantitative in nature and employed a descriptive research design. The sample of this study included 454 faculty members from four public universities in Saudi Arabia who had experience using Jusur LMS for instructional purposes. Data were gathered through the use of a web-questionnaire. Findings indicated that barriers faced by faculty members from using Jusur LMS were considered at a moderate level. Further analysis also revealed that respondents identified numerous administrative and technological barriers such as lack of technical, administrative and financial supports. In the technological domain, they faced obstacles with availability of appropriate hardware, poor internet connectivity, the lack of internet access, unsuitable software and technological resources in the Arabic language. It is suggested that for an improved utilization of Jusur LMS at Saudi universities, barriers such as administrative and technological obstacles must be taken into due consideration.

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