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RAD 514 - Design of kindergartens Programs and Activities

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    RAD 514
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    Design of kindergartens Programs and Activities
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  • Arab East Colleges
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    This course deals with the following topics: the concept of the

    program, and the difference between the old curriculum and the program, the
    principles of establishing early childhood education programs, including : the
    philosophical principles, the basic principles of early childhood education
    programs, the psychological principles, the steps or stages of designing
    the program (the goals of the early
    childhood education program, the sources of deriving goals, the levels of the
    goals and objectives, the classification of goals and objectives, the goals and
    objectives related to activities and content); the content of early childhood
    education programs (the standards of selecting the program content, organizing
    or sequencing the program content, analyzing the program content); the
    practical steps of designing activities (learning centers, corners, integrated
    experience), and the standards of designing the activity; the ways of
    implementing the program (organizational environment, the role of the teacher
    and the child, the duration of the program and the activities); evaluating early
    childhood education programs (the concept of evaluation, the importance of
    evaluating early childhood education, the functions of evaluation, its fields,
    its types, its principles, and its tools). The course also include field trips
    to a number of kindergartens to evaluate their programs and activities